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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rhumba guitar and Sinhala

Sri Lanka is a gracious country. Rhumba guitar and Sinhala.

Classic Sinhala poetry below (different than the above song, but both are beautiful, aren't they?)

Thun kala thumula vanaye malrasa novinda Kanthala gajan kopulata bingu ronata veda Kanthala pahara veni nirinduta asuva inda Pin kala hithanuvani den thevenu kumatada

As the honey-loving bee heedless thro" the forest flies Where the many coloured flowers tempt him with their rich supplies, And by fragrance strange allured on the tusked head alights, Victim of the flapping ears all amid the stol"n delights, Thus adored love art thou captive of thy king and lord, Yet, dash sorrow from thy brow, cease to mourn, my dear, adored

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