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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The passion of dance

My friend and a sister to me in the sense of the soul, Safiya, said to me once, "why do men kill and women give birth?" I was non-plussed. I fumbled, like all men do when a lady confronts them with a simple truth, and I stammered out "because we are brutes?"

It was no answer. I have the answer now, Safiya. Men need to have a passion for the dance of life the same way women do and then we will think as many times as it takes in order not to create any more widows and orphans. It is that simple.

My dear friend (another lady - DIANA on Palestine Cry) wrote me and said 'I get so furious when jews and israelis say, "what does Iraq have to do with Palestine?"' My thought is that Saddam Hussein, when he was lynched by King Georgi Bush II, said “Allah is great. The nation will be victorious, and Palestine is Arab.”

I think that answered it. I also think that Saddam died ten times the man that Georgi could ever be.

I really do believe in something that was bandied about by my generation in the late 1960's under various rubrics, here is one: "make love, not war." That is as long as you mean with respect and dignity toward women on the part of men and with the utmost reverence toward family and wives and mothers and children especially.

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