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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Fidel Castro (a tertiary Jesuit [not with holy orders, but laity] and friend of JP2) is the biggest drug dealer in the Caribbean. He was allowed to live after all the CIA plots against his life BECAUSE he agreed to act as the Communist-Capitalist drug dealing go between to grease Kissinger's Operation Condor etc. to smash all hell out of all of South America and amongst other things utterly destroy the Monroe Doctrine in any possible application in this or any hemisphere. Kissinger is a prime Bohemian Grove and 1001 club member and member of the 300 etc. The Russian JudenBolsheviki Communists cared not a whit that they Murdered tens of Millions of people in their own "Zio-Communist" countries, so it is not surprising that they were part of an East-West Detente of which the real purpose was to promote War Terror Drugs and the Zio-Communist/Neo-Nazi new World Order. They even, without any hesitation, betrayed their own Communist-Socialist leaders and insurgents to death (Trotsky in Mexico by Stalin's order killed and Che Guevara in South America by Castro's order killed, to mention only a couple of many), so it is not surprising that Kissinger was part of an East West plan that caused the murder of vast numbers of Socialists and Peasants and Communists etc. in South America. Colombian desaparecidos and so many others - right wing, left wing anyone in any part of the dialectc - are part of the numbers of those murdered by the plots of this most evil of men, Heinz Kissinger.

Also, Yamantau Mountain in Russia still has the 50 Kilometer long Nuclear Doomsday pile known as the Dead Man's Switch. It was built in the last two plus decades and is the bizarre fulfillment of the 1960's sardonic film, "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb." It has a real purpose - to be used as a threat and bargaining chip to bring the world to its knees to worship IsraHell when the IsraHellis spring the big surprise that Sheik Hosein referred to.

Zio-JudeNazi Kissinger, by the way, is the model for Dr. Strangelove and the other way around.

George C. Scott is playing a version of General Curtis "the badger" LeMay - Arch enemy of President John F. Kennedy.

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