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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aryan invasions

The title has a link to a site that eulogizes Alexander the Great. Alexander represents the Western Ideal of beauty within a certain racial type and a civilization based on that. This is the sort of thing that underlies the Hindu Dharma and caste system. That system puts Dalits on the bottom due to physical appearance.

But Aishwarya Rai, an Indian actress, is said by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She is shudra, a Dalit and therefore considered untouchable. But that is not the opinion of the Brahmins where she is concerned. It is not because they are egalitarian. From Dalit Nation -

"...they did not leave Aishwarya alone. They hatched a conspiracy in UP and got the manuwadi Amar Singh to get Aishwarya married to Abhishek Bachan, a half upper caste sikh and brahmin. They even made Aishwarya marry a banana plant before this marriage. How these evil people oppress us there is no end. Aishwarya now no longer identifies with her Dalit brethren. She has been swallowed up by this upper caste conspiracy."

Notice that Aishwarya does not look like most Dalit women.

The male dominance for selfish reasons is apparent in the whole cloth of the caste and complete Hindu system.

The last racial prejudice that will disappear from the human race will be that of "beauty" especially where women are concerned.

Doesn't God look at the beauty of the soul?

I am not arguing against all physical beauty of women or their making themselves up to be attractive, but shouldn't the beauty of the soul come first in everything? Wouldn't that be truly civilized? I think so.

Beyond that is the question of justice.

This shows the Dalits.

Notice how left wing and upper class both exploit Dalits with violence.


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