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Thursday, March 19, 2009


From beginning of Japanese history, art or pictures is very important. This book is example from Japanese Museums to show history of Japan in art.

Much is based upon the scenes one sees outside. Very much like Chinese art. There is a deep connection between Japanese and Chinese culture.

More formal picture.

There is tradition of culture for women. Very noble. Hair is like the Chinese make up hair. This is Nara era, a long time ago.

Wood block print of beautiful cultured lady.

Makeup for face very important.

Geisha are ideal of lady in Japan from long history. They train for many years. When entertaining at Tea Houses and parties Geisha are always most refined and reserved. Geisha are very polite and do many things to show artistic talents. They are highly respected and have a place in Japanese society that honors them. They have respect to have private life not interrupted in any way by those they serve. Geisha wear Kimono. They play Shamisen and also do dance, tea ceremony, conversation, poetry, story telling, singing and calligraphy. Geisha are very charming.

Kyoto Geisha dance, very graceful.

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