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Monday, March 2, 2009

A beautiful voice for truth

Majida Al Roumi This is a link to her web site

I found this at Wikipedia.

Majida takes a firm stand opposing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories and Israeli human rights violations. During her concert in Beirut on April 15, 2002, She said, "What is going now in Palestine is a crime against humanity, and I am here to say a final 'No!' to the Israeli occupation. To the Palestinians, I say, our hearts are with you; our souls are with you; justice is with you, and the land will always be yours." She also released the song, "Qana" , Anakid Al- Ghadab April 1996,as a form of protest against the massacre that the Israelis committed in the town of Qana in southern Lebanon.

Majida el Roumi - Ave Maria

Qana- Majida El Roumi

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