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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dalit Solidarity

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Dalit Solidarity is committed to the principles of justice and equality for all Indians, regardless of caste, race, gender or religion. This commitment is expressed by providing access to quality health care and education, providing economic opportunities and working to protect human rights.


* On July 24, 2007, the US House of Representatives passed a historic resolution condemning the caste system and untouchability in India.
* A similar resolution was passed by the European Union Parliament in February, 2007.
* On Sep. 4, 2007, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania also introduced a resolution condemning the caste system.
Learn more. >

Take Action
Sign the petition asking Congress to condemn the caste system and untouchability. >

Making News

Chicago CBS TV Channel has covered our story about how Dalit Solidarity is making impact in the lives of many dalits in India. Feb 2009

A Story of the Least of My Brothers from Neighbours Magazine, Jan 2009
# Dalit Solidarity's founder, Fr. Ben Chinnappan was recently featured in Catholic New World. Read Fr. Ben's discussion about the caste system and Dalit Solidarity's efforts to bring justice and equality to India's Dalits.

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