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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Panagia Portaitissa παναγια πορταιτισσα

"Zoksapatri ke lyou-ke agi-you epnevmaty" (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. [translated from the Copt])

Panagia Portaitissa (παναγια πορταιτισσα)

The Akathist Hymn to Our Lady, the Theotokos and All Pure Virgin Mary


As soon as the Angel had received his command, he hastened to Joseph’s house and said to the ever-Virgin: "Behold, heaven was brought down to earth when the Word Himself was fully contained in you! Now that I see Him in your womb, taking a servant’s form, I cry out to you in wonder: Hail, 0 Bride and Maiden ever-pure!"

First Chant

An Archangel was sent from heaven to greet the Mother of God, and as he saw You assuming a body at the sound of his bodiless voice, 0 Lord, he stood rapt in amazement and cned to her in these words: Hail, 0 you through whom joy will shine forth; hail, 0 you through whom the curse will disappear! Hail, 0 Restoration of the Fallen Adam; hail, 0 Redemption of the Tears of Eve! Hail, 0 Peak above the reach of human thought; hail, 0 Depth even beyond the sight of angels! Hail, 0 you who have become a kingly Throne; hail, 0 you who carries Him Who carries all! Hail, 0 Star who manifests the Sun; hail, 0 Womb of the Divine Incarnation! Hail, 0 you through whom creation is renewed; hail, 0 you through whom the Creator becomes a Babe! Hail, 0 Bride and Maiden ever-pure!


Knowing that she was a virgin, the Blessed One courageously answered the Angel: "Your surprising words seem hard for my mind to accept; how can you speak of a birth that is to come from a conception without seed? And why do you cry: Alleluia!"

Second Chant

Trying to grasp the meaning of this mystery, the Virgin asked the holy messenger: "How is it possible that a Son be born from a virginal womb? Tell me." And he answered her with awe, crying out in these words: Hail, 0 Hidden Sense of the Ineffable Plan; hail, 0 Belief in Silence That Must Be! Hail, 0 Forecast of the Marvels of Christ; hail, 0 Fountainhead of Truths Concerning Him! Hail, Celestial Ladder by whom God came down; hail, 0 Bridge leading earthly ones to heaven! Hail, 0 Wonder, everthrilling to the angels; hail, 0 Wound, ever-hurting to the demons! Hail, 0 you who gave birth to Light ineffably; hail, 0 you who told no one how it was done! Hail, 0 you who surpasses the wisdom of the wise; hail, 0 you who enlightens faithful minds! Hail, 0 Bride and Maiden ever-pure!


When the power of the Most High overshadowed the one who had never known the nuptial bed, her fruitful womb conceived, and she became for all a delicious field for those who wished to reap salvation by singing: Alleluia!

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