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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mexico's poor and revolution, Part II

Max and Steve will present this. Max will present Part I and Steve will present Part II.

From part I:

"Max: Steve, as you know, I selected some references that may be familiar to the readers, including about my namesake, the Emperor Maximillian, and his Empress Carlota. It is about revolution in Mexico. Below that please give us your references and comments, I will ask questions then. Danke.

Steve: Bitte, Max. I will present those later (in Part II) and look forward to your questions."

Max: Steve, please proceed with your comments and then I would like to ask if Mexico is better off now than it was?

Steve: Max, I have toured the museums there in Mexico City (Cuidad de Mexico, D.F.)and the Zocolo and the Palacio Nationale and Castillo Chapultepec and seen the marvelous frescoe on the wall of the National Palace and seen the Palace that Maximillian built and the room where Juarez was imprisoned and talked at length with people on the street and lived on the Paseo de la Reforma and seen the monuments and been to the top of the Latin America Tower. I learned the history of Mexico from the Mexicans in their museums (Mexican Anthropologists are considered the best in the world and are the living authorities on Meso-America). I worked there on a project that was part of increasing middle class Mexican technical ability and made friends there. That was almost thirty years ago. Ten Years before that, in College I knew one of the last (outside of the tribe) of the Nahautl Indians. He was a genius, and a really decent great fellow to know. He explained a lot about the tribe to me, at that time. This was years before the U.S Congress sold out the whole of North America and South America and everything in between with GATT-NAFTA. Things were rotten long before that, though. All in all from the time that the Latin American highway was constructed from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, things have gotten immeasurably worse. There was hope before. There is desperation now. There was eagerness to know other people before. There is hatred now. There was a chance to curb the inordinate crime before. It is utterly rampant now. At the base of the complete destruction of Mexican Society, is the complicity with U.S. Secret operations of the ilk of Operation Condor with Heinz (Henry) Kissinger (German Jew and ultra-Zionist). Add the destruction of the will and opportunity to work of the Mexican people via the slave labor implementation of the Socialist-Neofascist-Capitalist GATT NAFTA, then the destruction of the lower working class has been accomplished. Then you have the same, as the enslavement of the Indians in the mountains in the gold mines of the Castellano "Spaniard" nobility, extended via "social progress" to a vaster group of people.

Max: Grim indeed Steve. Do you remember the last time we did a mutual discussion?

Steve: Yes, Max, I do. It was on Palestine Cry on Friday, March 6, 2009 and at this link:
Very Long Distance Terrorism and it concerned a very nasty capability to destroy people for the sake of the Zionist agenda of world rule.

Max: Does anyone try to make this development out to be for a different reason than we discussed at that time?

Steve: Yes, let me coin a term and say that the "Standardlüge und ausführbar Weltsicht" is that we are doing it to protect "national security" and fight against Red China and keep the reawakened Russian Bear at a distance ...etc. ad nauseam.

Max: Ha Ha, interesting term you made up, the "standard lie and workable world view." What does it mean, though obvious, I think.

Steve: Give the masses something they can hold on to and feel secure with. That is the "workable world view," but it has nothing to do with reality. The U.S., Russia and Red China have been secret allies since at least 1962. Instead describe us as at constant war. The "standard lie" is that necessitates huge developement costs with hidden budgets and goals. The two together allow a standard arms terrorist agenda takeover of Central and South America via Kissinger's Operation Condor and other operations. When their plan calls for it they will declare world government (and "peace and security" and the Gramscian age of Aquarius and who knows what else) and use the weapons to crush - quote "Arab-Muslim fundamentalist resistance." This plan to crush the Muslims has to be stopped before the Zionists are able to carry it out!

Max: Ein herzliches Dankeschön! Steve. Very worrisome, but we need to know.

Steve: Bitte schön, Max, mein Freund.

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